Customer &OEM’S Recognition

We at Coopesa are proud to be considered a leader among the region’s aviation MRO’s and are confident that our Customers will find the value of our maintenance services.


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Heavy Maintenance


Passenger to Freighter Conversion

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Line Maintenance

Maintenance Services

We have reached more than 60 years of experience in heavy maintenance services for most of the airlines in America and for leasing companies all around the world, with our highly skilled technical teams led by the best aviation professionals in the region with broad and proven experience in commercial aircraft maintenance.

Our commitment to maintain your assets with excellence, quality, safety, cost effectiveness, and attention to details makes us the best outsourcing solution for the narrow body aircraft in the Americas, we are our customer’s partners in maintenance to solve their needs with high value and competitive cost maintenance solutions.

As an additional advantage, Coopesa is also a member of the ̈Free Trade Zone ̈ program by which parts and materials are tax exempt and Clearing Customs Process is very expedite.

Line Maintenance


Coopesa offers a 24/7/365 aircraft line maintenance services to support airlines to keep their Airlines operating on schedule.


Our Line Maintenance Services includes: A checks, Transit/Overnight checks, Carry over rectifications and LRU replacement.