Construction of Coopesa’s New Facilities Should Restart in May

Posting Date

April 20, 2018

ORLANDO–Coopesa’s new hangar complex has been delayed several times, but the Costa Rican MRO’s CEO is confident that construction of the first new hangar will resume in May. If this actually happens, the hangar should be finished in June 2019, says Minor Rodriguez, Coopesa’s CEO, speaking on the sidelines of MRO Americas.

That the facility will be able to accommodate four narrowbodies and two widebodies, or six narrowbodies simultaneously, along with backshops and offices.

The delays are caused by the Costa Rican government, which cancelled the first builder’s contract. The government owns the land and will own the new hangar, when it’s finished.

Coopesa intends to build a second hangar, on land that it owns adjacent to the first hangar, in 2020. “We’re looking for potential partners for the second phase,” says Rodriguez. The second hangar will be able to accommodate four narrowbodies or three widebodies simultaneously, plus space for backshops and offices.

Coopesa needs to move its facilities because the San Jose (Juan Santamaria) International airport’s terminal is expanding onto the space it occupies.

Rodriguez says Coopesa’s existing shops are full through September, primarily with customers Latam, Avianca and Copa.

It also performs lease return for a range of customers, including GECAS, AerCap and Avalon.