Our Commitment

Quality and Safety Policy

A. Our main quality objective is to guarantee the security of the aircraft and the components in which we work, as well as the continuous improvement in our operations and services.

Coopesa will give priority and focus all the necessary resources to continue preserving and improving the offered level of security.

B. As part of this policy of quality, Coopesa is it commited to:

  1. Reduce the delivery times; improve the trustworthiness and efficiency of our services and to obtain a greater satisfaction from our clients.
  2. Encourage a culture of security and honesty through the values established by the company.
  3. Comply with the procedures, standards of quality, aeronautical security, regulations and safety; as well as the occupational security and protection of the environment.
  4. Encourage a working atmosphere of commitment to quality on the part of our personnel to the established system of control and measures.

C. Promote the cooperation between the maintenance personnel and the Quality & Safety Auditors in order to continuously develop and implement new procedures that improve our safety.

Commitment 1

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